Remove and install a Configuration Manager 2007 Primary site in hierarchy

Some documentation for detaching and installing a new primary site

How to uninstall a Primary Site.
Before you uninstall a primary site, review all the conditions on the link below

Check “Hman.log” at Primary site and Parent site for verification
Detaching site PR3 from site PR2 Sent the actual site control image to site PR2 Processing site control file: Site PR3 File E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\\WMNUDEUJ.CT2 Update the Sites table: Site=PR3 Parent= There is no parent site, no need to forward any site control images.

Remove the system accounts from respective local groups (“Administrators” and “SMS_SiteToSiteConnection”)

New installation
Before beginning setup, you should ensure that the computer operating system and the additional installed software components that Configuration Manager Setup relies on have been updated with all relevant software updates.

Prerequisites for Installing Configuration Manager
Review the prerequisites for the servers and features you will be using in the site and install the required parts.

What do you want to do?

Add the new Primary Site machines account to the AD System Management container.

Register SPN if using a service account or if using local system account to run ConfigMgr then setup will automatically register.

Run setup and install ConfigMgr

Configuration Manager Upgrade and Installation Checklists for installing the latest service packs

Post-Setup Configuration Tasks

After Setup has run, there are still a few tasks you must perform to have a functioning Configuration Manager 2007 site. For example, you might need to assign new site system roles and install clients. For more information, see Checklist for Required Post Setup Configuration Tasks.