ConfigMgr 2012 determine if there is a performance problem

The number one reason that small sites like this have performance issues is because of disk IO. ¬†If this is a virtual machine, ensure that you are following the vendor recommendations for virtualizing SQL (don’t over commit processors/cores, ensure SQL data files, tempdb, and logs are on separate spindles, format SQL drives with 64KB block sizes, split SQL data files).

CPU does not matter too much. Disk i/o is more important. Also see
MP replica might take some load off of an MP, but it also adds extra load because of SQL replication.
Content transfer can be scripted: case you did not use a DP group).

Are you experiencing current perf issues with all roles on the site server itself? Can you describe these perf issues?

Have you setup a DB re-indexing and statistics rebuild agent task?

Have you run perfmon to baseline the perf of the system?

Is the system a VM on an over-committed host and/.or is it sharing spindles with other applications?

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