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Powershell script to compare DP packages with WMI

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$WMIPkgList = Get-WmiObject -Namespace Root\SCCMDP -Class SMS_PackagesInContLib | Select -ExpandProperty PackageID | Sort-Object

$ContentLib = (Get-ItemProperty -path HKLM:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\DP -Name ContentLibraryPath)

$PkgLibPath = ($ContentLib.ContentLibraryPath) + “\PkgLib”

$PkgLibList = (Get-ChildItem $PkgLibPath | Select -ExpandProperty Name | Sort-Object)

$PkgLibList = ($PKgLibList | ForEach-Object {$_.replace(“.INI”,””)})

$PksinWMIButNotContentLib = Compare-Object -ReferenceObject $WMIPkgList -DifferenceObject $PKgLibList -PassThru | Where-Object { $_.SideIndicator -eq “” }

Write-Host Items in WMI but not the Content Library
Write-Host ========================================

Write-Host Items in Content Library but not WMI
Write-Host ====================================

To remove the item from WMI (Using the list from the previous script):
Foreach ($Pkg in $PksinWMIButNotContentLib){
Get-WmiObject -Namespace Root\SCCMDP -Class SMS_PackagesInContLib -Filter “PackageID = ‘$Pkg'” | Remove-WmiObject -Confirm

To remove INI files using the list from the previous script:
Foreach ($Pkg in $PksinContentLibButNotWMI){
Remove-Item -Path “$PkgLibPath\$Pkg.INI” -Confirm