Sending content to remote DP failing and seeing Retrying rename in smsdpprov.log

Remote DP failing and seeing Retrying rename when distributing a package to the DP

Resolution – Symantec Endpoint Protection was casing the files to be locked. Updated to latest version of SEP

[10CC][Sun 08/25/2013 19:56:35]:Retrying rename of D:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\TCC100000A to D:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\AB2D\AB2D1AB92B3943B66AAC8538C8C655BEC2B75093E6B59B9AEC9287A476D3384C
[10CC][Sun 08/25/2013 19:56:39]:Retrying rename of D:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\TCC100000A to D:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\A11E\A11E3E94237BECC1EBB3C4CEC5AB80AA9AD40728446770D478D59D04A52FB216
[10CC][Sun 08/25/2013 19:56:42]:Retrying rename of D:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\TCC100000A to D:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\A644\A6446BEB9786181D3C328F07A3DD20AC1DCA30BD5A750A851A70EA1EF13DCC30
[10CC][Sun 08/25/2013 19:56:46]:Retrying rename of D:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\TCC100000A to D:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\39F3\39F3A89C269B4FF50937BABEB664810EF4B68144532C5E52B5E4B4EB7352C282
[10CC][Sun 08/25/2013 19:56:49]:Retrying rename of D:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\TCC100000A to D:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\B0E4\B0E4CF7E8B30EC1197208B806C8FE8ACFFE728319BFF0D4F956D6FB91C17FCC0
[10CC][Sun 08/25/2013 19:56:52]:Retrying rename of D:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\TCC100000A to D:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\E393\E393BB581F000202DEF3E23635515CFBE79DDAD3EA54E995008CCA08C364BED5
[10CC][Sun 08/25/2013 19:56:56]:Content ‘FB7B41B9-08FF-40BE-9CFA-83664BF41A25’ for package ‘CAS00363’ has been added to content library successfully
[10CC][Sun 08/25/2013 19:57:14]:Failed to delete package file(s) from \\server*\SMSPKGD$\CAS00363. Error = 145
[10CC][Sun 08/25/2013 19:57:22]:CreateDirectoryW failed for \\?\D:\SMSPKGD$\CAS00363\E70CE9B3-91BE-4009-927C-F42CB7771917\amd64
[10CC][Sun 08/25/2013 19:57:22]:CreateFolder failed; 0x800700b7
[10CC][Sun 08/25/2013 19:57:22]:CContentDefinition::ExpandContentDefinitionItems failed; 0x800700b7
[10CC][Sun 08/25/2013 19:57:22]:Failed to expand content ‘FB7B41B9-08FF-40BE-9CFA-83664BF41A25’ for package ‘CAS00363’ to share ‘\\server*\SMSPKGD$\CAS00363’. Error code: 183


5 thoughts on “Sending content to remote DP failing and seeing Retrying rename in smsdpprov.log

  1. Hi, we’re having the same issue with out content distribution to DP’s and have SEP installed as well. We’re running 12.1.3000, is that the version you upgraded to? Do you have any exclusions in place for the SCCMContentLib?

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