Troubleshooting application deployment issues – Tips

If you experience any of the following problems, check these recommended troubleshooting steps and information.

Problem 1 – application download failures:
Client stuck downloading an application
Client failed to download application
Client stuck at 0% while downloading software

Possible solutions and troubleshooting information:
Missing or misconfigured boundaries and boundary groups: If the client is on the intranet and is not configured for Internet-only client management, the client’s network location must be in a configured boundary and there must be a boundary group assigned to this boundary for the client to be able to download content. For more information about boundaries and boundary group, see the following TechNet information.

Planning for Boundaries and Boundary Groups: Configuring Boundaries and Boundary Groups:

Content might not be distributed to the distribution points yet, which is why it is not available for clients to download. Use the in-console monitoring facilities to monitor content distribution to the distribution points. For more information about monitoring content, see the following blog post:

Problem 2 – application deployment compliance stuck at 0%

Possible solution and troubleshooting information:
When compliance is 0%, check for the following deployment status for the application in the Monitoring workspace, Deployments node:
“In progress”: The client could be stuck downloading content. Check problem 1, above.
“Error”: For more information about this status, see the following blog post:

“Unknown”: This implies that the client has not received policy. Try manually initiating client policy and if this does not work, use client status to help verify client functionality. For more information, see the following TechNet information: Initiate Policy Retrieval for a Configuration Manager Client: Monitoring the Status of Client Computers in Configuration Manager:


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