OSD links

Introduction to OSD – Technet

Task Sequence Variables in Configuration Manager

How to Use Task Sequence Variables in a Running Configuration Manager Task Sequence

Using Task Sequence Variables to customize deployments

Capturing logs during failed Task Sequence Execution

OSD App Tree is a configurable way to allow user interaction during a Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) Operating System Deployment (OSD) Task Sequence (TS).

The Microsoft Deployment Guys present several useful scripts to run using a Run Command Line task

Preselect a preferred OS deployment TS using a prestart script

Set computer name automatically to ABCserialnumber

How to assign a dynamic computername during OSD

Set computer name with collection variable

Setting computername during deployment

Determine target OU based on Computername with PS for MDT 2012/ConfigMgr

How To Change Logging Options For SMSTS.log

Troubleshooting Operating System Deployment

How to deploy drivers

Migrating unsupported driver packages from ConfigMgr 2007 to supported packages in ConfigMgr 2012

Pausing a TS – and cmd /C pause /K

A Description of the Diskpart Command-Line Utility

DISM to mount and edit .wim files

SCCM OSD Task Sequence Variables – A beginners guide

Copy files to clients

ConfigMgr 2012 – The Replace scenario


MSI error 1603

PXE Boot Gotcha’s in a Configuration Manager 2012 Hierarchy – No Advertisements Found

Operating System Deployment in an 802.1x Environment

How to create ConfigMgr 2012 boot images from scratch



Create customised reference image with MDT 2013 Lite Touch Build & Capture – 5 easy steps

Configure Office 2010 for capturing an image

Capturing Windows 7 image using MDT 2013

Create a ISO from a WIM file

Manually add boot images and add customise

 Missing NIC drivers in WinPE

Set hostname with SCCM 2012 and OSD

SMSTS.log breakdown


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